Your Trip

What's your dream?

We all have our own version of what a holiday looks like.


For some people it is lying on a white sand beach with a cocktail in hand, for others it is hiking through the jungles of Peru, or up a snow covered mountain in Nepal or simply savouring the tastes and smells and histories of ancient European cities.

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Where would you like to go?

Tropical like Costa Rica or the Bahamas
Urban Metropolis like New York or Hong Kong
Desert like Egypt or Namibia

Forest and Jungle like Congo or Colombia
Mountains like Switzerland or Nepal
Snow like Greenland or Canada

What’s the purpose of your trip?

What do you want to accomplish?


Do you want to return home with an enviable tan? Be relaxed and recharged after a week long spa treatment? Maybe with a new skill and the satisfaction of having pushed yourself on a challenging hike in a foreign country?

What’s on your wish list?


Where do you absolutely have to visit?

What are your ‘must do’ experiences?

Are there any bucket list musts or special things you really want to see or do on your trip?

Have you always wanted to bathe with an elephant in Thailand? See a tiger in India? Climb a volcano? Eat exotic food? Hike the Inca Trail

What activities would you most like to do on your trip?

Beaches / Water Sports

Arts & Culture

Exploring & Learning


History & Museums

Kids & Family Friendly Activities

Movies & TV

Music / Concerts

Nature & Wildlife



Ski / Snowboarding

Sports / Exercise

Surfing / Windsurfing

Theatre / Shows / Musicals

Thermal Spas / Hot Springs

Walking / Biking / Hiking


What’s your budget?

When you imagine yourself on this holiday do you see yourself in a 5 star luxury, modest accommodation with all the basics or spending time in local communities and sleeping in tents or tree houses?

What food you imagine yourself to be eating? Michelin star restaurants, trendy bistros or Mum and Pop food trucks?

When do you want to go on this trip?

Are you trying to escape winter by visiting somewhere warm and sunny? Do you want to chase the snow and experience skiing for the first time? Maybe visit Australia in Spring to see the wildflowers or Canada in the Autumn to see the leaves change colour?

What help are you looking for with your trip?

Do you need budgeting advice and help with the logistics of booking your dream trip? Do you want first hand advice from someone who’s been there? Do you want a travel guide and companion to go with you?

Whatever travel assistance you need, I can help.

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“From a driving road trip around Ireland, Island hopping around Greece, to a sailing adventure though the major lakes and canals of Poland (and many many more), Anna was always the linchpin! If I only had a few words to describe Anna, at least in terms of travel companion, they would be: busy, active, relaxed, calm, and confident.”-Paul from Germany

I first met Anna on a backpackers tour in China and we have since traveled extensively together on several occasions throughout South East Asia and the Americas. From the very first day we set off together it was obvious she was as experienced and capable a traveler as I had ever met in my many years of travel. Her knowledge of the road and all it entails is second to none and provides an extraordinary level of comfort to anyone fortunate enough to travel along with her- Craig from Canada