My Story


I am all about travel.

At age 17, I set out on my first adventure in my homeland of Australia and haven’t looked back since. In the sixteen subsequent years I have visited every continent on the planet including Antarctica. Often on my own, I have backpacked, cycled, hiked, canoed, hitch hiked, flown, sailed, driven, bussed or walked vast distances in my endless quest to see the world. My many trips have ranged from a few days to well over a year in duration and my entire adult life has been spent focused on travel or to acquire the means to do it. Whether it’s on safari in Africa, cuddling penguins in Antarctica, riding elephants in Thailand, climbing a volcano in Panama, cycling 2700km through Colombia and Ecuador, walking 250km through Outback Australia, backpacking through South East Asia or catching the sites in Europe and the Americas, I am completely at home on the road.

In between adventures I’ve worked as a health & safety manager in the mines of Australia; been a professional tour guide driving a 62 passenger tour bus through the outback of Alice Springs, Australia; and a member of the ski patrol team in the Canadian Rockies to name just a few. And in my spare time have competed as a Half Ironman Triathlete for enjoyment and as a way to keep in top shape for my travels.

From 5 Star travel tours to solo backpacking in remote areas of the world, all of this combined experience, training and education has provided me with a unique set of skills and knowledge that, I believe, make me an ideal Adventure Consultant. My passion for travel and my love for sharing the experience and what I’ve learned along the way allows me to offer invaluable help and guidance to anyone looking to get the most out of their own journeys and adventures and to learn and appreciate the true meaning of ‘travel’!

Carry On,

“Anna is an excellent travel companion and cycle tour expedition partner. She is very organized and understands the importance of being systematic with packing and daily routines to avoid unnecessary hiccups. She travels smart and safe mitigating risks when possible, for example travel during the day, wear bright colours and appropriate personal safety gear.”

-Haley from Canada