Om nom nom….. Mmmmmm food…..

We all eat it, most of us love it and some of us even travel for it. The internet is full of “must try” restaurants and “top 10 places to eat” in whatever country/city and some people are making a living by traveling the world and filming themselves eat different dishes in different places. Peoples obsession with food has become so crazy there is even a woman who makes a living by smooshing her face into bread.

But what about your average joe who isn’t a so called “foodie”. I associate myself in this category as I appreciate good food, enjoy fine restaurants and experiencing different foods from around the world but I also know that when I am traveling I occasionally just want meals from back home. I want to experience the unusual and different but not every meal of every day for months on end.

So I decided to write about what foods we miss when travelling. I don’t think these get talked about enough as there seems to be a trend of elitist travellers and digital nomads who would never admit such pedestrian things as missing food from home.

When in China I didn’t particularly like the food despite loving Chinese food in Australia.

When working in Dubai I soon grew tired of rice for breakfast and would have murdered for a slice of vegemite toast.

When in Costa Rica the novelty of Gallo Pinto soon wore off and I was longing for a good old chicken parmigiana and a decent beer.

After a month eating kebabs in Turkey I was craving a good old fashioned toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

I’ve lived and worked overseas and traveled for months on end so I know a thing or two about missing foods from back home. Strangely I always miss the same things so here is a short breakdown –

Vegemite – Ok, I know it’s the classic Aussie cliche of eating vegemite but sometimes a slice of vegemite toast makes the world a better place again. I usually travel with a tube or two but when you are away for a year and you run out it’s a sad day.

Steamed veggies – A strange one I know but you can never find these in restaurants. After being away for more than 2 months I always crave just a big bowl of unseasoned steamed veggies like broccoli, snow peas, capsicum etc. I tried asking in a few places for it and always ended up with a bowl of cauliflower and carrot instead. Or like this place in Thailand with their swamp cabbage – not quiet what I had in mind!

Chicken Parmigiana – I don’t know where this one comes from as I rarely even eat it when home but put me in another country for several months and I start googling where I might be able to find one.

Solo – while technically not a food this lemon soft drink is high on my list of foods I miss when traveling. I have bought lemon drinks around the world in hopes of finding it again or a worthy substitute but like vegemite it seems to just be an Australian thing. This was the closest thing I could find when in Spain – it’s a tasty and refreshing drink in it’s own right but it’s not Solo.

Mums Soups – Cos nothing beats your mums cooking and her soups are worth coming home for.

So what’s the food you miss most when traveling? What do you crave when walking the back streets of some foreign city after you’ve tried all the weird and wonderful local produce? I’d love to know if this is just me or if everyone has these cravings so let me know in the comments below.

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