The Perfect Holiday

Some people know exactly where to go on holiday. It’s like they have a homing beacon for that specific destination making all holiday choices and decisions appear easy. Other people struggle with deciding where to go. The options and possibilities are endless and so much choice paralyses them from making a decision.

“I could go to Italy and eat pizza, Peru and see Machu Picchu, Australia and cuddle a Kangaroo, Thailand and sit on a beach or to Vegas and win a million dollars or to…….”

Some people just never get past this stage and become stuck in always dreaming about travel but never actually going. They turn to gimmicky online quizzes which are usually sponsored by travel agents or tourism boards who match you with their pre-determined destinations rather than your actual wants. Or, they go to the standard destinations recommended by friends and family because they’re easy and often cheaper. While these may be fine if you want an all inclusive or a cookie cutter holiday they don’t necessarily give you the true holiday experience you actually imagine for yourself.

So if you want to get clear on where to go for your next holiday let’s begin with a little exercise.

Start by asking yourself if there are any “bucket list” musts or special things you really want to see or do on your trip. If there is, this will narrow your choices considerably making the whole process focused on achieving that one thing.

If you don’t have a bucket list must or have too many to choose from then start thinking about what you really want out of your holiday. At the very least start ruling out what you DON’T want:

City, beach or countryside?

Hot or cold weather?

Adventure or relaxation?

Shopping, culture or adrenaline?

Family,  friends or boyfriend/girlfriend? Solo?

Independent travel or have everything organised for you?

Budget or splash the cash?

Off the beaten track or a tried and tested destination?

The Perfect Holiday

Now let’s figure out WHY you want to travel?

Do you want to return home with an enviable tan? Be relaxed and recharged after a week long spa treatment? Maybe with a new skill and the satisfaction of having pushed yourself on a challenging hike in a foreign country? It’s easier to decide where you’re going when you know why you want to go there.

For those of you that struggle deciding where to go on holiday here are some ways to help narrow your choices and avoid the overwhelm –

Consider proximity vs duration of your holiday –

This may seem obvious but if you only have 1 week leave you don’t want to waste 4 days of that flying around the world and back. Choosing a location that does not require more than a half day’s travel to get to when on shorter holidays is a better way to narrow your choices.

Think about what you like doing –

Personally I like the idea of lying on a beautiful beach somewhere exotic but after 2 hrs I am bored and sunburnt and it no longer holds the same appeal. If I am then trapped on an island where that is my only choice of activity it may affect the overall enjoyment of my holiday.

Consider what activities you like to do or might like to try and incorporate those into choosing a destination. Any hobby or activity can be incorporated into a holiday hence why the appeal of sailing / golfing / fishing / skiing / writing / cycling holidays for so many people.

Other hobby/personal interest holidays might include:

Beaches / Water Sports

Arts & Culture

Exploring & Learning


History & Museums

Kids & Family Friendly Activities

Movies & TV

Music / Concerts

Nature & Wildlife



Ski / Snowboarding

Sports / Exercise

Surfing / Windsurfing

Theatre / Shows / Musicals

Thermal Spas / Hot Springs

Walking / Biking / Hiking


Always wanted to learn how to cook – try Vietnam, Thailand or Italy

Always wanted to learn how to dive – try Australia or anywhere in South East Asia

Always wanted to see the “Big 5” – try South Africa.

The Perfect Holiday

Get inspiration – 

If you can remain disciplined then social media is a great place to start looking for inspiration. After seeing Sintra in a million Instagram photos I decided I wanted to visit Portugal. Pinterest can be just as helpful but be careful you don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole and you become overwhelmed with choices again.

Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor also do great summaries of destinations, accommodation and package them into “Best of..” or “Top 10…” lists which can be another great source of inspiration.

Don’t forget the good old fashioned travel books and magazines like the following –

Lonely Planet

1000 Places to see before you die

Outside Magazine

National Geographic

The Perfect Holiday

Still can’t decide?

What about traveling for a festival or concert? I’m sure there has been at least one occasion where you have watched Wimbledon on TV or the running of the bulls in Spain and wanted to go. Oktoberfest maybe or a music festival? Holi festival in India or the Cherry festival in Japan? Just be sure to book flights and accommodation early as these large events can sell out and become expensive for last minute visits.

The Final Decision

If you have narrowed down your options and are asking friends and family what they think, just remember to take others opinions on destinations with a grain of salt. What interests and makes a good holiday for one person doesn’t necessarily suit all.

If you are still struggling to narrow your choices or are experiencing the travel overwhelm then contact me for a free no obligation travel planning session. You will be booking your dream holiday in no time.

Carry On,