Why would anyone hire a Travel Agent or Adventure Consultant? Doesn’t everyone just book their travel online?

I get asked the above questions so much I thought I would explain why an Adventure Consultant such as myself is still needed.

The term travel agent congers up images of a woman with a headset sitting behind a desk with rows upon rows of glossy travel brochures behind her, or at least it does for me. While I don’t have a headset phone or a display of glossy brochures behind me I do know what I am talking about when it comes to travel thanks to 17 years of both professional and on the road experience. 

With the rise of the internet and the power of Google at everyones fingertips suddenly everyone is an expert. They have access to immediate and up to date information and can research and book their own adventure holiday independently. Yet a lot of people don’t and here’s why –

1. – Personalised, Professional and Expert Service

For the same reason a person could mow their own lawn, do their own taxes, represent themselves in court, service their own car or a whole list of other things they prefer to leave it to the professionals. It not only saves time, energy and money but it gives you the confidence that the task is being done by someone who is an expert. People like having a professional to ask questions of and being confident their needs are being listened to and taken care of properly by someone who knows. Hiring an Adventure Consultant is exactly the same. You are hiring a professional who works for you, with your best interests in mind, that will answer all your questions and who is an expert on travel.

2. Avoiding the “Overwhelm”

While the internet is great for providing pricing, reviews, blogs, tips, checklists and a whole bunch of other information about destinations or holiday options it can quickly lead to “overwhelm”. We see evidence of other people enjoying their “perfect” trip and feel pressure and a desire to book the same for ourselves. This doubt, pressure and information overload can quickly lead to feeling overwhelmed. We are meant to be looking forward to our holiday but suddenly booking it is just another stressful chore on our “to-do” list.  When we need help and feel overwhelmed in any particular area of our lives we look for a professional for help – travel is no different. As an Adventure Consultant this is what I do. I remove the “overwhelm” so you can relax and enjoy the pre-holiday excitement knowing that someone who plans, books and takes holidays as a profession will be organising and planning the adventure of a lifetime custom designed for you.

3. Time savings

Spending hours and weeks researching the perfect trip can take up a ton of time that is already in short supply due to work and family responsibilities. If there are multiple people involved or multiple destinations this will likely require even more time and effort to research and plan and, let’s be honest – ain’t nobody got time for that! As an Adventure Consultant I spend a little time getting to know my clients likes, dislikes, budget requirements, bucket list musts and then craft an entire adventure just for them.

4. Budgeting

An Adventure Consultant can help map out exactly how much a trip will cost, so there are no surprises. Does that excursion on Monday include lunch, for example, or do you have to buy your own? Who should you book that day tour through or does it matter? Does it pay to take the drinks package on the cruise ship, or pay for the excursions in advance? A professional like myself can guide you and save you money.

Today’s Professional Adventure Consultant is a much different person than the Travel Agents of 20 years ago. Our main responsibility now is to help you sort through all the information that can be found on the internet combined with our own first hand travel experience so you can make the best decisions on how you want to spend your valuable vacation time and travel dollars. If you want your taxes done right, you seek out a professional. If you want your travel planned right, you seek out a travel professional….it just makes sense!

In short, if you have never used an Adventure Consultant, you are not only missing out on a chance to save time, hassles, aggravation—and often money, but also on possible destinations and adventure ideas that could very well make it your best vacation ever!

Call me, I can help!

Carry On,


I’m Anna Kernohan, an Adventure Consultant. I use my 17 years of travel experience and my background in Paramedics and Safety to provide professional advice and travel companion services to those wanting to travel but not in a tour group or alone. You’ll never have to worry about being alone in a foreign country again.

So if you want to know more about how I can help you have the adventure of your dreams simply use this link to ask me your travel questions or sign up for my newsletter to never miss an exclusive offer.