2017 is going to be a great year! I can feel it in my waters. It will be an awesome year that will wash away the memories of 2016 like they were a bad dream. Just like every January everyone is setting themselves new goals, promising to be better versions of themselves and making grand promises that this year things will be different. The world will change, you will change and all will be well again.

You’ll learn Spanish like you wanted to last year (and the year before that).
You’ll exercise more.
Read more.
Eat better.
Be nicer to people.
Travel more!

The list goes on.

So often we exist in life rather than live it and one day turns into the next until all those things we desired to do and become pile up while we wait for the right time and energy to start them.

It takes a lot of effort to change. To think about the change, take steps to make the change, the trauma of establishing new neural pathways and setting new routines for ourselves until the change is incorporated and no longer requires effort. If change was easy then everyone would do it and everyone would keep their New Years resolutions but the fact is it’s hard, time consuming and mostly just exhausting. We create a long list of things to accomplish in the new year but give up, overwhelmed by all we want to do.

While I listen to people recite all they want to change in 2017 I always find myself saying to them – why don’t you just Travel?

Travel solves a bunch of self-improvement goals in a fun and mostly relaxing way.

You book a flight or get in a car, go somewhere completely new and where you don’t know anyone. Now you have to navigate in an unfamiliar place, ask people who might not speak your language for directions, make friends and get around sightseeing during your stay.

By the end of the trip you’ve learned how to communicate, figured out how to navigate an unknown place, learned to talk to strangers, learned how to be independent and no doubt solved a few problems that arose as you made your way around a foreign place.

And why did you do all these things? Because you wanted to. You wanted to go to that particular destination and explore and so you had to get better at communication, problem solving, social situations and improving your confidence and chances are you had fun doing it without even realising.

Travel forces you out of your routine. It helps you become more independent, take more risks, be ok with change, get better with people, learn more and be more versatile. It might not fix everything, you might not eat better or exercise more but you might be more open to climbing up that hill occasionally to see the view or try a new dish at your favourite restaurant which is still an improvement on the old you.

Travel gives you space to be someone else and improve your life. It won’t solve all your problems and they will still be on the road with you or waiting for when you return, but it does give you the opportunity for a clean slate to try to resolve and work through them.

So while you think about creating your list of resolutions for the new and improved you this year, save yourself the effort and just write down one thing – travel. It’s the ultimate way to become a better, more confident, new and improved you.

So what is your New Years resolution? Let me know in the comments below.

If you want to know how you can travel more – get in touch to start planning for the fulfillment of your New Years resolution today.

Carry On,