Ohm Nohm Nom! I find myself saying this a lot lately as I eat my way through the “Foods I Miss” list created while living overseas. It’s not even a very extensive or creative list but for some reason putting all the things I miss on a list helps with the homesickness while away and gives me something to do for the first few weeks as I adjust back into life when home.

This list got me thinking about all the weird and wonderful foods I have eaten while traveling. Trying different cuisines is part of the fun when visiting a new country as you get introduced to amazing new foods and I’ve found just like being interested in how people live, being interested in what they eat can tell you just as much about a culture.

This would be a rather long and comprehensive post if I included everything I’ve eaten but here are some of my more memorable food experiences –

Foods of the World

Eating Guinea Pig in Peru

As you can see from this guest post for The Atlas Heart I was pretty excited about eating Guinea Pig and remains in my top 3 food experiences ever! Check out the link to learn more.

Foods of the World - Black eggs China

Black eggs in China

I think the expression on my face says it all.

Foods of the World - Scorpion Fish China

Scorpion fish in China

Now this was cool and I loved this meal more for it’s presentation than it’s taste (though it was tasty as well). They cut the fish in such a way that it essentially turns inside out when fried and gives you the amazing (and freaky) look.

Foods of the World - Tongue Soup Colombia

Tongue Soup in Colombia

Gross! I mean dry heaving gross is all I can say about this dish. It smelled and tasted like old man breathe and has scarred me for life.

Foods of the World - Worms in South Africa

Worms in South Africa

Mmmm, crunchy….. Ok, maybe not delicious but they were pretty good and I could eat a lettuce leaf full if there was enough beer to wash it down. Made a change from eating all that jerky anyway.

Foods of the World - Ice in Iceland

Ice in Iceland

Ice is a food right? Well it was pretty cool sucking on an ice cube cut straight from a glacier regardless.

Foods of the World - Ice cream in Antarctica

Ice-cream in Antarctica

It was below zero and I was wearing 7 layers of clothing to stay warm but when they put the announcement out there was ice-cream on the back deck during this cruise I was pushing people out of the way to get there.

Foods of the World - Burger in America

Burgers in America

Cliche I know but it was my first time trying In N Out Burgers and now I am in love. I’ve only had it the once but I am already salivating at the thought of eating it again.

Foods of the World - Poutine in Canada

Poutine in Canada

Another cliche country dish but so so good when it’s cold. I didn’t know such a thing existed before arriving in Canada but quickly became a fan.

Foods of the World - Turkish Viagra

Viagra in Turkey

Turns out Viagra was just squished up dried apricots covered in Pistachio nuts but I wasn’t to know before biting into it. Very tasty but I can’t say it had any “Viagra” affects on me.

Foods of the World - Pierogies in Poland

Pierogies in Poland

Like eating Guinea Pig in Peru the Pierogies in Poland was one of my main reasons for going. I had discovered Pierogies in Canada a few years before but was determined to eat them in their mother land and was not disappointed. I would return to Poland just to eat more.

As I said this list is far from complete but should give you an idea on why I enjoy traveling and eating so much. What’s your best/worst/most memorable food experience?

Carry On,

For those that are interested, here is my “Foods I Miss” list (in no particular order and some foods will only make sense to Australians) –

Devonshire Tea
Real Milo (not Kenyan or Swiss imitations)
Roasts and BBQ anything especially steaks and sausages
Pineapple Lumps
Real Chocolate bars
Baby Spinach
Laksa Soups
Pho or any soupy noodle dishes
Mums soups
Real Greek Yogurt
Chinese Dumplings

I could go on but I will spare you. What would be on your list of foods you miss when traveling?