What a great way to end the year! Two featured articles in two days with this article on Pink Pangea about defending myself whilst being mugged in Colombia.

I know every traveler and especially every female traveler gets told that if you get into difficulty just give your attacker what they want. I understand the reasoning behind this advise and even find myself giving it occasionally but in this situation I instead fought and defended myself and my belongings.

Before arriving in Colombia everyone told me to be careful and that it was dangerous and that something bad would happen. Until Armenia I did not believe them and found myself pleasantly surprised and half in love with Colombia. That all changed while sitting on the side of the road in full daylight waiting for my friends to arrive. There was 4 lanes of traffic, an apartment building across the road and a group of men sitting out in front of a small shop behind me yet I was still chosen as a target.

Needless to say I didn’t follow the advise I was given and fought for my purse instead of surrendering. For full details and to see how my story ended please read my article on Pink Pangea.

self defense in Colombia

Thanks to all my readers for your support and feedback in 2015 and I can’t wait to start sharing new and exciting stories in 2016.

Carry On,