Want to take a trip but don’t know where to start? Hire me as your Adventure Consultant and you’ll receive expert advice, a custom itinerary and a trip you’ll never forget.

Take your travel trip to the next level with professional help from an adventure consultant. 

  • Logistical planning and preparations to ensure your trip runs smoothly;

  • Private travel expeditions, tailored to your wish list;

  • Select from one of our existing trips-or create an entirely new adventure;

  •  Have the personalised experience of a lifetime, whether you want to travel alone or in a small group.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of adventure travel, or are a seasoned traveller wanting to cycle from Columbia to Ecuador or hike in the Australian outback, we’re here to help you make your wish list come true.

“I’ve had the pleasure of travelling with Anna on 3 continents and each time she’s taught me that I pack too much of what I don’t need and not enough of what I do need. Anna’s pack has always had enough for her to live comfortably while travelling in different parts of the world – from the heat of the day in the outback to the cold nights in Namibia. I look forward to future travels with Anna!”

-Jenna from Canada


Travel Companion

Have a seasoned travel companion accompany you on your next adventure. Turn my years of travel experience into your travel adventure and never worry about “not knowing” how to travel or being alone in a foreign place again.

Custom Travel Packages

Customise an unforgettable experience. Add off the beat attractions, choose local cuisines or simply tag your adventures onto the end of a business trip. Lets discuss your individual requirements and how to make your trip of a lifetime a reality.

Travel Guidance

Private sessions to provide personalised guidance and advice on logistics and the realities of your specific travel plans including budgeting, transportation, visas, what to pack, health, safety, and must-see destinations.

Let me be your guide to adventure.

Anywhere, any way, any time.

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